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  Skyware has launched the NEXT GENERATION BOOKING ENGINE, with an improved UI to match your website and design flexibility. ADA and Mobile friendly, and always commission free. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Did you know Skyware offers the full spectrum of hospitality services in addition to the PMS? Streamline your operations with Skyware POS, Sales & Catering, and Spa/Activity scheduling.
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Skyware Newswire
"Training" link has been added to the right of the Help in the top tool bar. Check it out! (05-28-2021)
Check out the new "Package Availability" screen under the reports menu. This corresponds to the new Availability tab in the Package Plans maintenance screen. (05-22-2021)
**NEW** Mobile/Contactless Check-In Available. Call Skyware for details. (05-12-2021)
Cancellation confirmation numbers will now end in a "-C" of the original confirmation number instead of changing to a new cancellation confirmation. (04-29-2021)
Skyware now supports the EMV Device MX-925 for credit card transactions AND electronic registration signatures. (04-29-2021)
Packages - Maximum # of packages per day can now be set. Check out the "Availability" tab in the Packages Maintenance screen. (04-20-2021)
New booking engine now supports multiple images of a room type. (04-14-2021)
POS - Sales by Item report now allows Cost to be shown as well as Price. (04-13-2021)
Activities - Attendants Appointments can now book activities and view activities with all the colors. (04-08-2021)
You can now set date ranges for calculated adjustments in the Room Types Maintenance screen AND the Rate Plan Maintenance screen. (04-03-2021)
"Activities Search" has been split between Future and Historical (03-26-2021)
Breakpoint has been added for merging a guest. (03-11-2021)
Guest complaint "faces" have been added to all search screens. (03-11-2021)
An "Activities Search" has been added to the Activity menu. (03-10-2021)
You can now yield/hold back to your channel manager based on total hotel availability. (03-10-2021)
Booking Engine now supports multiple selection of Activities in the same Activity and the same time slot. (03-07-2021)
Check out the "Charts" landing page. They can be set by user as a landing page or click on the Icon/Charts for instant access. We welcome ideas for other charts! (02-21-2021)
Skyware has a new look. Check out "Modern Straight" in the Property Definition -> Other Tab - Menu Style drop-down. We can also use your properties colors and logo if desired. Contact our support line for more information. (02-01-2021)
All of our external booking engines now support multiple room/site maps. Call our support line for more information. (01-21-2021)
POS - Quantity on Hand Report can now be for a past date. (01-21-2021)

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