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Skyware Newswire
TEXTING is now available using Skyware. Contact our support or sales department for more information. (09-18-2018)
Functions can now be edited in the past. Call our support line for further information. (09-11-2018)
You can set the overall "Best Choice" selection process for auto room assignments and such by setting the ROOMNOBESTCHOICE=Y in the property definition other tab. (09-10-2018)
A "Best Choice" option has been added next to the room # selection screen to order room #'s from top to bottom for the best "fit". (09-10-2018)
Room # selection list now contains the # of days for the prev/next block. This allows you to better manager where you are assigning room #'s for the best "fit". The tool tip contains the dates of the prev/next block. (09-10-2018)
For the current system date - DIRTY rooms now go to the bottom of the room # selection list. (09-10-2018)
OOO/DNS - suite rooms can now be put out of order. The part rooms will not be out of order and will have to out of order separately if needed. (09-04-2018)
NEW - Batch pickups - If over 20 pickups the process will now be submitted to a long running "Batch Processing Log". The transaction can be viewed as it progresses through the picking up process. This can be found under Full Menu -> Other -> Batch Processing Log. (09-04-2018)
Credit Card corrections (current system date) have been modified to send a void if a zero is entered as the "Correct Amount". This indicates a full refund on the current credit card or a void of the transaction. (09-04-2018)
Message is now displayed if the room type pattern does not match the rooms selected on the advanced room selection screen. Check box to "Continue anyway" is displayed as well. (08-20-2018)
ROLLBACK - Corrections (current system date) for Credit Cards will revert back to sending the difference only. Skyware will NOT send a void then the new amount. Since the sale is immediate and the void is not then there is the opportunity to hold double on the guests credit card. (08-16-2018)
POS - Items deleted on a check now display with a strike-through instead of removing the items completely. (08-10-2018)
Release Notes now available. Read of all the latest by clicking here. You can always see all the release notes from the Full Menu -> Documentation. (08-03-2018)
The Night Audit will now display a red and blinking message if any arrivals or departures exist for the current system date. (07-27-2018)
Posting screen (gold coin) will now retrieve 50 rows at a time with paging on the bottom of the grid. This will speed up display time for larger stays. (07-25-2018)
All authorizations are included in the credit limit. Change from just those that matched with the credit card on the stay. (07-16-2018)
If a room # is not available due to exending the stay then Skyware will no longer auto pick room #'s. Instead skyware will take you to the advanced room # selection screen instead. (07-09-2018)
Estimated credit card authorizations have been tweaked to be more accurate. (07-09-2018)
RESOLVED - Slowness when refreshing from the Quick reservation/walk-in/check-in screen. (07-03-2018)
A/R Batch Payments will now accept a credit card payment. (06-22-2018)

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