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Percent of room revenue has been added to Room Type recurring charges. Check it out in the room type maintenance screen - bottom grid. (02-07-2018)
Release Notes now available. Read of all the latest by clicking here. You can always see all the release notes from the Full Menu -> Documentation. (01-31-2018)
FLIP SERVICE has been added to the housekeeping assignments report. This joins DUE OUT and STAYOVER SERVICE. Flip Service indicates that a departure and an arrival are occurring on the same day. (01-26-2018)
Authorizations can now be kept for x days after checkout. The night audit will release the authorization based on CCHISTAUTHDAYS in the property definition -> other tab. (01-22-2018)
Average Daily "Rate" and Building logic has been added to the external booking engine. Call support if you are interested in the building logic. (01-17-2018)
Function Book - Month view of the function book has been modified for easier use. (01-12-2018)
Batch Print has been added. Check it out under Full Menu -> Other. Any custom document can be printed for guests that are in-house or in reservation status. (01-10-2018)
"Additional Credit Card Authorizations" can now charge reservations room and tax based upon the arrival date. Check out the last option on the screen. (12-22-2017)
A valid email is now required IF the email field is marked as required. Use NOEMAILVALID in the Property Definition - Other tab to turn off this feature if not desired. (12-21-2017)
The Arrivals and Departures report can now suppress rate information. Check out the "Suppress Rate Information" check box. (12-18-2017)
A "Normal" option has been added to the "Managers Adjust" button. This will allow you to do a normal posting where the taxes follow the posting instead of posting the taxes separately. (12-04-2017)
The Flash Report can now be run for future dates for forecasting purposes. (11-21-2017)
A Rate Plan can now be set up on a 7 day cycle (weekly for example) and will drop to the “Off Cycle” rate plan when not in the weekly cycle. Check this out in the rate plan maintenance screen "Other" tab. (11-21-2017)
Event Schedule can now be ordered by date/time. (11-20-2017)
Digital Signature now has tokens that can be inserted (arrival, departure, adr, etc...) (11-20-2017)
Arrivals Report - Check out the new check box called "Show Details". Will now show the rate plan, guest type, segment, address and phone #'s when selected. (11-15-2017)
Wizard Room/Site # screen has been updated to look better and be more intuitive. You can switch buildings/filters/etc.. without loosing previous selections. Also much quicker!! (11-10-2017)
Batch Pickup - Room Types are now editable during the batch pickup process. (11-01-2017)
Batch Check-In will now print/display the registration cards for all guests checked-in during the batch process. (11-01-2017)
NEW Tax Detail Report. Check it out just under the Tax Exempt Report menu item in Full Menu -> Reports. A good report to look at to determine which folios were exempted from a specific tax or paid a specific tax.

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