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Skyware Newswire
Number of rooms has been added to the StayOvers report. (04-24-2018)
Suppress payment information has been added to the Arrivals/StayOvers/Departures report. (04-24-2018)
Room Availability - Check out the new option buttons for displaying room type information. You can now see percentages, total, and out of order rooms by room type. (04-12-2018)
For consistency - all user selections have been changed to last, first and sorted by last name. (04-09-2018)
Single point login for the POS is available at Full Menu -> Point of Sale (POS) -> Create/Open Check. Use the URL after the click as a stand-alone URL. Ten key login with the Quick ID. (03-30-2018)
You can now run double occupancy in Skyware that takes into account children and youths. Call us to learn how. (03-18-2018)
Quick reservation room # drop-down now has a '>>' which indicates connecting rooms. The tool tip for that room will display the connecting room(s). (03-18-2018)
If your dates do not refresh properly - press Ctrl-F5 to force a full refresh. This will bring down the latest files. (03-17-2018)
SCAM ALERT - If you receive an unsolicited call claiming Skyware is performing an update and that you must enter a new web page to download information needed for this new program - DON'T. Please Hang up!!! This is a scam. (03-17-2018)
Date drop-downs have changed to a more cleaner and modern drop-down. (03-17-2018)
Some of the date selection drop-downs are slightly different and more streamlined in the way they are displayed. Testing how these work before we roll it out to all date selections. Let us know if any issues occur. For example: Setting OOO or DNS selection date has changed. (03-13-2018)
POS - A "NO" can be placed before the modify or preparation by clicking on the item more than once. Check out here for details. (03-09-2018)
POS - A Minus has been added above the backspace on the 10 key for entering corrections. (03-09-2018)
Percent of room revenue has been added to Room Type recurring charges. Check it out in the room type maintenance screen - bottom grid. (02-07-2018)
Release Notes now available. Read of all the latest by clicking here. You can always see all the release notes from the Full Menu -> Documentation. (01-31-2018)
FLIP SERVICE has been added to the housekeeping assignments report. This joins DUE OUT and STAYOVER SERVICE. Flip Service indicates that a departure and an arrival are occurring on the same day. (01-26-2018)
Authorizations can now be kept for x days after checkout. The night audit will release the authorization based on CCHISTAUTHDAYS in the property definition -> other tab. (01-22-2018)
Average Daily "Rate" and Building logic has been added to the external booking engine. Call support if you are interested in the building logic. (01-17-2018)
Function Book - Month view of the function book has been modified for easier use. (01-12-2018)
Batch Print has been added. Check it out under Full Menu -> Other. Any custom document can be printed for guests that are in-house or in reservation status. (01-10-2018)

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