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ONLINE TRAINING! - Join us for a new training session on Wednesday, June 3rd. at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific. We will be covering ROOM CHART. Click on here to join or send us an email at and we'll send you an email with the link.
*Watch previous sessions in our new TRAINING system
"No Service" has been added to the Accommodations bar of the Stay Summary screen. Checking this box will stop night auditing from marking the room dirty for the entire stay. (05-21-2020)
TRAINING - Check out the training button to the right of the "Login" button on this screen. Put in your User ID/Password to go to the training system. See videos, training sessions*, and the help file. (05-15-2020)
NEW - We now have an integration with OpenKey which offers digital key technology, complimenting Skyware's existing mobile check in. If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us at (05-08-2020)
FYI - Skyware is taking the opportunity to focus on the next generation of our software. We have been hard at work during these last couple of months to begin the task moving Skyware forward to align with the latest Microsoft platform. You shouldn't notice anything different but big changes are happening behind the scenes. You can continue to expect the same reliability you have always received from Skyware. (04-28-2020)
Group History Report - The group status has been added as a column. (03-23-2020)
POS - Check out our updated Point of Sale help files by clicking here (03-16-2020)
COVID-19 UPDATE - Thank you for being a loyal Skyware customer. As always, we’d like to remind you that we’re here for you, ready to answer any questions for your operational needs. (03-13-2020)
Cancellation Report - Now shows revenue in the last column. (03-13-2020)
A/R Batch Payments - any excess amount can be applied automatically to the next open invoice. Look for the check box under the "Apply" button. (03-08-2020)
Arrivals Report - Now has Origin in the details section. You can also now filter based on a specific group or a company with negotiated rate. (03-08-2020)
Packages by Day - If the package contains a room revenue posting type then the Package will control the room revenue and the rate will not post. (02-27-2020)
Mobile phone door lock/unlock is now available in Skyware. Call for details on the OpenKey interface. (02-21-2020)
Additional Credit Card Authorizations - now allow the authorization of the balance while in reservation status. (02-21-2020)
POS - Gratuity will now only be shown for credit cards. (02-18-2020)
Booking Pace Report will now show revenue for cancellations and no shows if the check box is checked to show the cancellations and no shows. (02-18-2020)
Room Rates screen will now draw the grid only if the check box to "Display the Grid Automatically" is checked. This is to speed the setting of a large range of dates and rate plans. (02-18-2020)
POS - Daily Recap report can now display POS Type as well as the Display Category. (02-06-2020)
Package Revenue report can now be filtered by All, "Packages by Day", or "Amenities by Day". (02-04-2020)
NEW Package Revenue report has been added under the Reports menu. Create your own columns (Configuration -> Package Plan Categories) for this report and assign them to specific posting types. Only revenue posting types will appear on this report. (01-18-2020)

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