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POS - Settle now check box can now be controlled by Outlet. (11-15-2019)
POS - the Posting Scan and Shift Report for the POS can now be run by server that is assigned to the check. Look for the check box. (11-14-2019)
Housekeeping - Check out the "Housekeeping History" under the Full Menu -> Housekeeping. (11-04-2019)
Housekeeping - The reports/screen have been modified to show the actual "departure/arrival" of a room if the guests changes rooms while in house. (11-04-2019)
Rate Occupancy can now be set by Room Type. Call our support line for details. (10-28-2019)
Revenue Summary has been added to the Automatic Night Audit email of reports. (10-28-2019)
POS - Open food item description now has a pop-up keyboard. (10-24-2019)
Packages/Amenities by Day can now be selected in the quick reservation screen or the wizard during the booking process. (10-24-2019)
GRC NOW SHOWS FUNCTIONS!!! The GRC will show if any functions are on a specific day. There is an "F" row that joins B/P/R. A check box called "Hide Functions" has been added if you do not wish to see the functions. (10-23-2019)
Group History Report - Company name has been added to the report. A check box has also been added to show zero revenue bookings. You can now do a "data dump" only to Excel for this report. (10-23-2019)
SET GROUPUNLIMITEDCREDIT =Y to set all groups to have automatic unlimited credit. Can be set in the Property Definition - Other tab. (10-23-2019)
Set CCNOCHECKINAUTHGROUP=Y to allow groups to be checked in with no authorizations before or after the check-in process. Basically splits the transients and groups to have their own flag to determine automatic authorizations. This can be set in the Property Definition - Other tab. (10-23-2019)
Quoted rates now as the ability to ask for a rate change. This adds to the existing functionality use quoted rates of yes or no. Look for this change in the Property Definition -> Other Tab -> USEQUOTEDRATES. (10-12-2019)
Signature Pad text can be set by room type. Example – Unique Pet Policy text for this room type. (09-30-2019)
Batch Pickup - Arrival/Departure dates, Adults, Youths, and Children are now editable. (09-30-2019)
An “&” has been added next to the Name on the in-house Guest List to indicate a signature and/or document is attached to the stay. (09-30-2019)
Adjustment now shows for the originating row in the posting screen. This stops the cascading affect of multiple adjustments originating from the same row. (09-26-2019)
Early check-in and late check-out times can now be entered when the appropriate check box is clicked. These have been added to the following reports: Arrival (Show details), Departures, Housekeeping Sheets (Print Arrival Names), Housekeeping Room Assignments  (09-24-2019)
A direct interface to Navis CRM has been completed. Check out their offering at (09-19-2019)
A maximum credit card amount can be set in the Property Definition screen - Other tab - MAXCCAMOUNT. An error will display if the amount goes over the amount. 0 = unlimited. (09-19-2019)

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