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ROLLBACK - Corrections (current system date) for Credit Cards will revert back to sending the difference only. Skyware will NOT send a void then the new amount. Since the sale is immediate and the void is not then there is the opportunity to hold double on the guests credit card. (08-16-2018)
POS - Items deleted on a check now display with a strike-through instead of removing the items completely. (08-10-2018)
Release Notes now available. Read of all the latest by clicking here. You can always see all the release notes from the Full Menu -> Documentation. (08-03-2018)
The Night Audit will now display a red and blinking message if any arrivals or departures exist for the current system date. (07-27-2018)
Posting screen (gold coin) will now retrieve 50 rows at a time with paging on the bottom of the grid. This will speed up display time for larger stays. (07-25-2018)
All authorizations are included in the credit limit. Change from just those that matched with the credit card on the stay. (07-16-2018)
If a room # is not available due to exending the stay then Skyware will no longer auto pick room #'s. Instead skyware will take you to the advanced room # selection screen instead. (07-09-2018)
Estimated credit card authorizations have been tweaked to be more accurate. (07-09-2018)
RESOLVED - Slowness when refreshing from the Quick reservation/walk-in/check-in screen. (07-03-2018)
A/R Batch Payments will now accept a credit card payment. (06-22-2018)
NEW Budget Report on the Reports menu. Budget information can be entered under the Configuration menu "Period/Monthly Definition and Budget". (06-20-2018)
Night audit can now automatically email your nightly reports. Check out the new menu item under the "Night Audit" menu called "Night Audit Auto Email Reports". (06-18-2018)
MAXRESVYEARSGROUPS can now be set for groups. Individual reservations will still use MAXRESVYEARS. (06-15-2018)
Custom Reports - Display and Filter fields can now be moved up or down via the arrows to the right of each row. (06-15-2018)
NEW. Corrections (current system date) for Credit Cards - the original transaction will be voided and a new sale transaction will be made for the new amount. If the new amount is zero then the original transaction will be voided only. (06-11-2018)
POS - Kitchen Checks and Receipts can now have different font families and font sizes by printer. You will need to re-install SkywareLocalSetup.exe. Call our support line for details. (05-25-2018)
For our EU members - Skyware now supports GDPR. If you wish to turn on GDPR please contact Skyware support. (05-23-2018)
IMPORTANT - All night audit postings on the posting screen (gold coin) will now be listed as "<Auto>" instead of having the time stamp of the night audit. This was misleading since the time stamp did not match the date which was the system date. (05-17-2018)
For our Tenerum customers they will be performing Emergency Maintenance on the Tenerum Payment Gateway on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 from 04:55 - 05:15 AM ET. Please plan accordingly.  (05-14-2018)
Skyware will no longer overwrite a default credit card on the stay summary screen if one is taken as payment. However, if a default card does not exist then the card taken as payment will be the default form of payment. (05-11-2018)

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