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Skyware Newswire
IMPORTANT - Skyware will be sun setting communication methods TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on Monday, August 25th. We don't anticipate this to cause a disruption except maybe for some interface machines. If you notice any irregularities please contact Skyware support. (08-22-2019)
Allocation (Folio Def) from the group master and pickup can now be done while the group and pickup are still in house even if the date is in the past. (08-19-2019)
POS - A passcode has been added to apply a discount. Check out the POSDISCOUNT in the "Set Passcodes" screen. (08-14-2019)
GROUPS - Pickup outside but within the block has been added. Basically allows you to pickup rooms that are not in the block and will decrement rooms that are unpicked up but not allowing to go over the total block. (08-14-2019)
POS - Tip suggestions can now be placed on either the payment or restaurant receipt. Look under custom documents and insert the proper token(s) (08-07-2019)
POS - Restaurant to Room Charge can now be customized by Outlet. (08-07-2019)
Maintenance work orders now show the time the work order was entered and completed. Work orders prior will be shown in GMT time - will vary depending on where you are. (07-31-2019)
POS - Shift reports will not be allowed to run if open checks exist for that server. (07-24-2019)
Out of Balances are displayed in real time and will be on the Main Menu / Dashboard / Short Menu. Click to fix if the message shows. (07-23-2019)
Booking Pace report can now include cancellation and no- show room counts. (07-22-2019)
POS - Club cards can now be used with the point of sale. Contact Skyware for further details. (07-22-2019)
POS - As well as a table view on the "Create/Open Check" screen - you can now view all the checks for that table section. Check out the "Check(s)" button to the right of the table button. (07-17-2019)
A check box has been added to the Room Income report to include zero balance folios. (07-09-2019)
POS - All "drawer opens" will now be logged to the "Transaction Log" under type "POSDRAWER". (07-03-2019)
POS - An "Open Drawer" button has been added below the fire checks buttons. This will print a "NO SALE" to the printer which will trigger the drawer (if attached to the printer). (07-03-2019)
POS Outlets Maintenance - Any Quick ID can be used to edit any check if the check box "Allow any Quick ID to edit a check" is checked. Just click on any blue or green table. (07-03-2019)
Quick ID can now be used instead of a Passcode if the check box on the Users Maintenance screen has been checked ("Quick ID can be used instead of Passcode"). (07-03-2019)
You can now suppress room #s on the group members list via a check box on the group members screen. (06-24-2019)
An Early-Check-In check box has been added to the Accommodations box next to Late Check-Out. This will appear on the arrivals report as well as on the housekeeping sheets report. (06-24-2019)
A "Move Functions" has been added next to "Move Pickup" when a groups arrival date is changed. (06-24-2019)

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