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Housekeeping - Check out the "Housekeeping History" under the Full Menu -> Housekeeping. (11-04-2019)
Housekeeping - The reports/screen have been modified to show the actual "departure/arrival" of a room if the guests changes rooms while in house. (11-04-2019)
Rate Occupancy can now be set by Room Type. Call our support line for details. (10-28-2019)
Revenue Summary has been added to the Automatic Night Audit email of reports. (10-28-2019)
POS - Open food item description now has a pop-up keyboard. (10-24-2019)
Packages/Amenities by Day can now be selected in the quick reservation screen or the wizard during the booking process. (10-24-2019)
GRC NOW SHOWS FUNCTIONS!!! The GRC will show if any functions are on a specific day. There is an "F" row that joins B/P/R. A check box called "Hide Functions" has been added if you do not wish to see the functions. (10-23-2019)
Group History Report - Company name has been added to the report. A check box has also been added to show zero revenue bookings. You can now do a "data dump" only to Excel for this report. (10-23-2019)
SET GROUPUNLIMITEDCREDIT =Y to set all groups to have automatic unlimited credit. Can be set in the Property Definition - Other tab. (10-23-2019)
Set CCNOCHECKINAUTHGROUP=Y to allow groups to be checked in with no authorizations before or after the check-in process. Basically splits the transients and groups to have their own flag to determine automatic authorizations. This can be set in the Property Definition - Other tab. (10-23-2019)
Quoted rates now as the ability to ask for a rate change. This adds to the existing functionality use quoted rates of yes or no. Look for this change in the Property Definition -> Other Tab -> USEQUOTEDRATES. (10-12-2019)
Signature Pad text can be set by room type. Example – Unique Pet Policy text for this room type. (09-30-2019)
Batch Pickup - Arrival/Departure dates, Adults, Youths, and Children are now editable. (09-30-2019)
An “&” has been added next to the Name on the in-house Guest List to indicate a signature and/or document is attached to the stay. (09-30-2019)
Adjustment now shows for the originating row in the posting screen. This stops the cascading affect of multiple adjustments originating from the same row. (09-26-2019)
Early check-in and late check-out times can now be entered when the appropriate check box is clicked. These have been added to the following reports: Arrival (Show details), Departures, Housekeeping Sheets (Print Arrival Names), Housekeeping Room Assignments  (09-24-2019)
A direct interface to Navis CRM has been completed. Check out their offering at (09-19-2019)
A maximum credit card amount can be set in the Property Definition screen - Other tab - MAXCCAMOUNT. An error will display if the amount goes over the amount. 0 = unlimited. (09-19-2019)
IMPORTANT - Skyware will be sun setting communication methods TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on Monday, August 25th. We don't anticipate this to cause a disruption except maybe for some interface machines. If you notice any irregularities please contact Skyware support. (08-22-2019)
Allocation (Folio Def) from the group master and pickup can now be done while the group and pickup are still in house even if the date is in the past. (08-19-2019)

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