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NEW Package Revenue report has been added under the Reports menu. Create your own columns (Configuration -> Package Plan Categories) for this report and assign them to specific posting types. Only revenue posting types will appear on this report. (01-18-2020)
Deposits Report - Overdue deposits portion of this report now works properly. (01-10-2020)
Groups - Released flag is now at the day by day level instead of at the stay level. No real change in functionality but more control of releasing specific days. (01-10-2020)
Room Type and Rate Plan Fees can now be set per Adult, per Child, per Youth, or per Pet. Check out under the room type or rate plan maintenance screens. (01-01-2020)
POS - A Reference can now be entered when posting a Restaurant to Room posting. (12-28-2019)
Passport # has been added to the "Addl Name / Services Tab" of the Stay summary screen. (12-27-2019)
Daily Information and Restrictions - multi-select of rate plans and room types are now available. (12-27-2019)
Maintain Room Rates - multi-select of rate plans and room types are now available. (12-27-2019)
Quick Quote / Room Availability - you can now pick multiple rate plans and room types to view. (12-20-2019)
Groups - you can now submit batch pickup to batch processing immediately. Look for the check box under the submit button. (12-20-2019)
Groups - check box has been added to allow the group to use the rate plan directly for pickup instead of the rates set by the group. (12-20-2019)
POS - Gratuity Income Report has been added to the "Point of Sale (POS" menu. This report allows you to view the total revenue and gratuity for a date range. (12-10-2019)
POS - Items can now be excluded from a discount (eg. beer/wine). Look for the check box on the POS Items Maintenance screen. (12-06-2019)
POS - Settle now check box can now be controlled by Outlet. (11-15-2019)
POS - the Posting Scan and Shift Report for the POS can now be run by server that is assigned to the check. Look for the check box. (11-14-2019)
Housekeeping - Check out the "Housekeeping History" under the Full Menu -> Housekeeping. (11-04-2019)
Housekeeping - The reports/screen have been modified to show the actual "departure/arrival" of a room if the guests changes rooms while in house. (11-04-2019)
Rate Occupancy can now be set by Room Type. Call our support line for details. (10-28-2019)
Revenue Summary has been added to the Automatic Night Audit email of reports. (10-28-2019)
POS - Open food item description now has a pop-up keyboard. (10-24-2019)

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