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Group Members list now has a "Daily Summary" at the end of the report. (06-03-2019)
Availability screen can now show a combination of Group and Transient figures. Check out the "Show Group/Trans" check box. (06-03-2019)
POS - Printers can now be assigned to Kitchens. The Kitchens can be assigned to outlet's. This allows the outlets to be serviced dynamically as needed by the kitchens. (05-28-2019)
Rate plan column has been added to the overall search screen(s). To the right of Room #. (05-18-2019)
Security Timeout can now be set by security group. If -1 then the overall Security Timeout will be used (Property Definition Screen). (05-18-2019)
POS - Sales by Item Report can now be generated as data only. (05-04-2019)
POS - Check boxes have been added to the POS/Menu items to require a preparation and/or a modifier to be pick when posted. (05-04-2019)
POS - Modifiers and Preparations can now be filtered in the fast pick for menu items by their grouping. (05-04-2019)
POS - Preparations now have a grouping. Like modifiers. (05-04-2019)
Night Audit - Due Out's can now be printed by those with a balance only. (05-04-2019)
Housekeeping Sheets and Housekeeping Room Assignments can now be sorted on the print-out by room #. (05-03-2019)
Maintenance - a field has been added to the property definition screen to automatically email if a work order is created or modified. (05-03-2019)
Forecast Revenue Summary report can now be exported as Excel - Data Only. (04-30-2019)
Group Status can be defaulted to Tentative or Prospect on new bookings by setting the GROUPDEFAULTSTATUS in the property definition other tab. (04-29-2019)
Unlimited Credit can now be set/defaulted by Guest Type. (04-28-2019)
POS - Sales by Item report now shows preparation and modifier amounts in the totals. (04-28-2019)
Batch Pickup - User who submitted the batch process is now on the activity. (04-16-2019)
Rate Plan column has been added to the In-House Guest List. (04-16-2019)
Wait listed stays can now be manually deleted. They will be logged in the transaction log screen. You will no longer be able to cancel wait listed stays. (04-01-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - A "Re-Order" button has been added to the bottom of the ticket. Select the items and pres re-order to add the same selected items on the ticket again. (04-01-2019)

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