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Room chart and room rack can now indicate a handicapped room. Check out the Room definition screen and the handicapped check box. (02-12-2019)
Packages can now be selected on the Quick Quote screen. (02-08-2019)
Room Types - a check box has been added to allow for "Per Person Increment screen "(Incr)" column only applies to people over the increment?" (02-01-2019)
Guest Type, Segment, and Origin have been added to the Reservations Entered On Report. (01-25-2019)
A 2nd Check-In Email has been added to the property definition screen. (01-25-2019)
Activity Scheduler - You can now add another activity from the quick activity screen. Check out the "Add Activity" button at the top of the screen. (01-22-2019)
Activity Scheduler - You can now see the appointments by attendant. Check out Full Menu -> Activities -> Attendants Appointments. (01-17-2019)
POS - Sales by Item report can now be run for Meal Period or Outlet. (01-17-2019)
POS - Year of birth can now be required for a POS item (usually alcohol of some kind). Check out the POS Items maintenance screen - POS tab. (01-15-2019)
Activity Scheduler - you can now put a credit card on "file" for an activity. Only a token will be taken. No authorization or validation. The token will transfer to the POS when payment is ready to be taken. (01-15-2019)
Labels on the Per Person Increments screen have been modified to more accurately reflect Singe/Double Occupancy. Also 15+ and 20+ increments have been added. (01-11-2019)
Budgeting has been modified to allow budgeting for Rate Plan, Guest Type, Segment or All. (01-11-2019)
Batch Print under "Full Manu -> Other" can now EMail documents. (01-03-2019)
Taxes can now be specific to a room type on the Tax Maintenance screen. Good for Occupancy Fees by room type. (12-14-2018)
Arrivals report can now be filtered by room type. (12-04-2018)
Room Chart - If a reservation has a deposit it will show up as a slashed background. (12-04-2018)
Overdue deposits report now encompasses all 4 deposits on a group booking. (11-28-2018)
Suite logic now encompasses Out of Order (OOO) rooms. If the Suite is OOO then the part rooms are and if a part room of a suite is OOO then the suite will be OOO. (11-27-2018)
Packages/Amenities by Day will post all Packages Links on Night 1. (11-27-2018)
Night Audit can now be run in less than 4 hours from the last night audit. A confirmation box will pop-up if less than 4 hours from the last night audit. (11-13-2018)

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