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Batch Pickup - User who submitted the batch process is now on the activity. (04-16-2019)
Rate Plan column has been added to the In-House Guest List. (04-16-2019)
Wait listed stays can now be manually deleted. They will be logged in the transaction log screen. You will no longer be able to cancel wait listed stays. (04-01-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - A "Re-Order" button has been added to the bottom of the ticket. Select the items and pres re-order to add the same selected items on the ticket again. (04-01-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - We now have the ability to scan drivers license. The ticket will turn light green for 21 or over or light red for under 21 if the scanner is used. (04-01-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - The ability to manually enter bar codes has been added. Look for the bar code icon on the top right of the POS item selection tab. (03-26-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - Setting the switch POSPASSCODEALLDELETES = Y in the Configuration screen - Other tab will passcode all deletes. Fired or not. (03-26-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - The ability to set default reasons when voiding a line item(s) has been added. Check out the Configuration -> Point of Sale -> Void Reasons (03-20-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - The description in POS maintenance is the "short" description and appears on the screen. If the "Presentation" is set then that is used on the receipt. If not then the "Description" is used on the receipt. (03-14-2019)
Reservations entered on report now shows "Room Nights" instead of just "Nights". (03-14-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - Reference field has been added for check payments. (03-14-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - Firing order can now be picked for each item as it is added or the default order set in maintenance can be used. (03-12-2019)
Point of Sale (POS) - Seats can now be selected when adding items. (03-12-2019)
Room chart and room rack can now indicate a handicapped room. Check out the Room definition screen and the handicapped check box. (02-12-2019)
Packages can now be selected on the Quick Quote screen. (02-08-2019)
Room Types - a check box has been added to allow for "Per Person Increment screen "(Incr)" column only applies to people over the increment?" (02-01-2019)
Guest Type, Segment, and Origin have been added to the Reservations Entered On Report. (01-25-2019)
A 2nd Check-In Email has been added to the property definition screen. (01-25-2019)
Activity Scheduler - You can now add another activity from the quick activity screen. Check out the "Add Activity" button at the top of the screen. (01-22-2019)
Activity Scheduler - You can now see the appointments by attendant. Check out Full Menu -> Activities -> Attendants Appointments. (01-17-2019)

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