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Arrivals report can now be filtered by room type. (12-04-2018)
Room Chart - If a reservation has a deposit it will show up as a slashed background. (12-04-2018)
Overdue deposits report now encompasses all 4 deposits on a group booking. (11-28-2018)
Suite logic now encompasses Out of Order (OOO) rooms. If the Suite is OOO then the part rooms are and if a part room of a suite is OOO then the suite will be OOO. (11-27-2018)
Packages/Amenities by Day will post all Packages Links on Night 1. (11-27-2018)
Night Audit can now be run in less than 4 hours from the last night audit. A confirmation box will pop-up if less than 4 hours from the last night audit. (11-13-2018)
Another web server installed. You should notice faster response times. (11-08-2018)
Maintenance complete. Thank you for your patience. (11-05-2018)
Group Members list can now be exported in the Tourico formatted upload by selecting the Excel export option. (11-02-2018)
SRED devices can now be used for scanning credit cards instead of the standard USB swipe devices. (11-02-2018)
Server Maintenance will be performed on Monday at 4am Eastern for 1 hour. You will lose connectivity between those times. Please plan accordingly. (11-01-2018)
Rates to channel managers are now queued. This allows the rates to be set and immediately return for more rates to be set. Rates may take longer to get to the channel managers. (10-29-2018)
Additional Names grid has been added to the Stay custom documents. (10-29-2018)
VIP is now editable on the stay summary screen. (10-23-2018)
Maintain Rates grid is in an Excel format for a single rate plan and per person increments are not checked. (10-23-2018)
Staff Comments have been added to the functions screen. Also, the comments are now on their own tab. (10-19-2018)
Soft Check-In is now available with the texting module. Please contact our support department for more information. (10-19-2018)
Sort by Arrival or Last Name has been added to the Batch Print. (10-16-2018)
New Booked Date tokens have been added. Booked Date +0/15/30/90/120. (10-16-2018)
Pressing "Enter" in the last/first name fields on the quick reservation/walk-in screen now brings up the guest search. (10-16-2018)

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